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March 08, 2005


March 8. International Women's Day. Snow storm late afternoon.

And that's what I heard from the radio this morning on my way to work.
2:30 PM. The company announced that the office was closing at 3 PM due to the snow condition. I started to copy files onto my portable HD so that I can work from home. 3 PM sharp, I was out of my cubicle walking to the car.
It took me awhile to clean up the snow sticking on the wind shields and mirrors. And I have to mention that, it is quite a scene when dozens of people stand on parking lot scraping ice off cars together, especially when the snow drops are bigger than quater and the wind is blowing snow sideways, slapping people's faces. For a second I was even laughing because it looked almost cartoony.
O.K. It's not really funny. When I got home and parked the car, it was 6 PM already. My usually 30-minute trip between home and work took 2 hours and 40 minutes today. I heard the the same piece of hourly news on the radio three times, which included speech of G.W. Bush on Iraq - I turned off the radio for a minute the third time when I heard him saying the tragedy of 911 made the Middle East understand the meaning of freedom.
If you think it's just sitting in a car going 5 miles an hour, babe, you're all wrong. It's slippery, and the roads are icy; you can't see division lines on the highway, some drivers are still tailgating. And - I really needed to go to the bathroom!
Anyways, I'm home safe. It's just I don't really have any energy left for work now. Err...Ahhh..
I read the news the other day. There was almost 30 centimeter snow fall few days ago. And people all went to see it. Mm. I guess rarity does make things beautiful, huh?

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